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Distinctive traits

EMINTAD is an independent advisor with no ties to banks or other financial institutions. Unhampered by potential conflicts of interest, Emintad is absolutely independent and free to pursue the interests of its clients. The EMINTAD team has a reputation for its consummate professionalism and its practical approach to the assignments it is awarded. EMINTAD has in-depth knowledge of the leading industrial sectors and their drivers of success thanks to the experience of its team in management consulting. Over the years, EMINTAD has acquired a solid reputation in special financial underwriting and business consulting in the Capital Markets and M&A spheres.


EMINTAD helps businesses looking to list (or increase their capital) on regulated and alternative (AIM) stock markets in an attempt to stimulate growth and increase their value.

The first step in the preparation for an IPO or equity offering is to identify the market best suited to the requirements of the business.This requires feasibility studies and an assessment of the competition. Also established at this step is the timeline for the launch of the offering.

Our assistance involves selecting and subsequently managing the key players in the flotation process (financial intermediaries, legal practices, auditing firms, marketing firms), identifying investors, and handling relations with regulators and authorities (Consob and Borsa Italiana) through every phase of the flotation process.

Our actions include:

Company evaluation;

Preparation of the business plan and the equity story directed at institutional investors and financial intermediaries;

Verification that the requirements for access to the selected market are met;

Filing of paperworkwith the supervisory authority and market management company;

Promoting the flotation and the company’s image in the media and on the domestic and international financial markets.

In the financial advisory field, we provide our clients with tailored consulting services to identify possible courses of action for securing growth either by expansion or by divestiture of certain business units.

Our actions include:

Assistance in finding industrial or financial partners for the acquisition of equity holdings, buyouts and M&A;

Company and sector evaluations;

Assistance in the preparation of the paperwork necessary for share swap agreements and as required by the market regulators;

Organizing finance to support growth by expansion;

Organizing management buy-outs and buy-ins, sometimes with the intervention of private equity operators.

EMINTAD also offers businesses consulting services for judicial and extra-judicial insolvency proceedings, debt reprofiling operations (financial and/or to suppliers), turnaround management, and scouting for investors capable of underwriting salvage and turnaround projects.

EMINTAD provides debt management services in the following macro sectors:

Structured finance: securing medium-term finance – including syndicated loans, with repayment arrangements and interest rates defined on the basis of the cashflow generated by projects and balance sheet covenants;

Real estate spin-offs: scouting for investors (institutional and private) interested in buying real estate, including lease-back agreements with sellers;

Securitization: non-recourse factoring and credit package agreements with clients, including the rotation of multi-annual ceilings intended to diversify sources of financing while improving selected balance sheet items (e.g., liquidity, rotation, debt/equity ratios).



Refinement of the
Business idea

Analysis of competition

Strategic plan



Corporate restructuring

Types of investment vehicles

Orientations in corporate governance


Analysis and M&A

Industrial plan


Fairness and Business opinion

Mergers and acquisitions

Strategic partnerships

Equity Story

Assistance in the quotation process